Medford, NJ

We meet on Monday evenings

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

St. Peter's Episcopal Church


FORMER TrOop 26 News

Scout & Adult Leadership Positions Updated ---> Troop Leadership Positions


Ethan Kaighn is Troop 26's 112th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on October 10, 2017.


Klondike Derby - Great Showing by Troop 26! ---> PHOTOS

- Great day & results for the 2017 Klondike Competition:

- The Vikings patrol took 3rd place, and the Red Patrol took 5th!

- Great job 26!


Flag Retirement Ceremony - Pine Tree Scout Reservation -14 Jan. 2017

Over the past year the troop has accepted flags from many families and Medford Township that needed to be properly retired. The United States Flag Code, Title 4, Section 8k states “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning".

Troop 26 retired over 70 American Flags. 11 scouts and 3 adult leaders participated in this ceremony. The scouts inspected all flags and folded them properly for retirement. Flags that were found to be made of nylon were not burned due to the carcinogens that they would admit. These flags will be respectfully cut up keeping the union of blue intact. Doing so symbolizes that the unity of our union should never be broken. The blue segments will be given to and the red and white stripes will be buried.


Thanks to Mr. Scannell for making all arrangements.


Ryan Minshall is Troop 26's 111th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on December 12, 2016


Thomas Beitel is Troop 26's 110th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on September 26, 2016


Jason Applegate is Troop 26's 109th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on October 26, 2015


New Troop 26 Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) - Matthew Mason (2014 - 2015)

- Matthew Mason is the Troop's new SPL.

- Craig Droke and Ryan Scannell are the new ASPL's.

- Congratulations to all!


Jack Sterbenz is Troop 26's 108th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on May 27, 2015


Andrew Arnold is Troop 26's 107th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on May 7, 2015


Matt Cummings is Troop 26's 106th Eagle Scout! ---> Troop 26 Eagle Scouts 

- Eagle Board of Review Conducted on March 9, 2015


Daniel S. is the new Troop 26 New Senior Patrol Leader (2014 - 2015)

- Assistant SPL - Jack S
- Assistant SPL  - Thomas B

- Troop Guide - Liam M
- Troop Guide - Robert S

- Patrol Leader - Adam K
- Asst patrol Leader - Marc V

- Patrol Leader - Daniel K
- Asst Patrol  Leader - Nicholas S

- Patrol Leader- James B
- Asst Patrol Leader- Eric R

- Asst. Patrol Leader - Craig D
- Patrol Leader - William M

- Quartermaster - Ryan M
- Quartermaster - Ethan K


Jason Applegate's Eagle Project - Saturday, 11/1, Coates Street Canoe Launch - Medford

Sand Art Booth at Medford Fireworks - July 19th

Thomas Beitel is planning a Sand Art booth for the Medford Fireworks to finish his requirements for National Youth Leadership Training.

We know this is directly before Yawgoog, but is a very fun and easy way to get service. Hopefully, some scouts will be able to help if they are going to the fireworks (or if they are not going to Yawgoog).
We would like to have at least four scouts and two adults present at the stand for each shift to oversee the kids who participate as well as help the younger children.

There will be four shifts: 3pm-5pm (set up), 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm, and 9pm-finished (clean up)


On Monday, June 9th,  Paeton Boyle Became Troop 26's 105th Eagle Scout

Photo: Paeton Boyle


Welcome to the Troop 26 Website

Please provide any photos you have to Dave Costello or Ellen Sterbenz

Over 6,500 Troop 26 Photos (starting in 1998) are already Online


New Activity Form - Scouts to Use for Trip Planning - Form

All Scouts should use this form as a starting point when they would like to propose

a trip and / or activity to scout leaders and adult leaders.

Troop Meetings - Update

Troop Meetings are conducted every Monday at 7PM at St. Peter's Episcopal Church
EXCEPT the First Monday of each Month in which the following will meet:

           - PLC (Patrol Leader Council)

           - Troop 26 Committee Meeting


See updated calendar --> Calendar


New Scout Troop Leaders

SPL - Andrew A.
ASPLs - Jack S.
           Jason A.

Chaplain Aide - Matt C.

                      Christian I.
Troop Guides - Robert S.
                      Paeton B.
                      Liam M.
Librarian - Thomas B.

Patrol Leaders - Aaron B.
                        Brian B.
                        Quentin L.
                        Daniel M.
                        Ryan M.

Asst. Patrol Leaders - Andrew A.
                                Daniel K.
                                Eric R.
                                Patrick S.
                                Marc V.


See all Troop Leadership --> Troop 26 Leaders


Yawgoog Summer Camp - July 2013

Everyone had a good time. The Troop earned 82 Merit Badge completions, two Scouts completed the Mile swim, and Rob S completed 7 Merit Badges! Great job!

Thank You Mr. Youngkin, Mr. Applegate, and Mrs. Applegate! Also, thanks to the following adults who supported this year's summer camp: Maria Beitel, Bill Graham, Kristi Kennedy, Richard Krsnak, Kyle Mason, John Scannell, Rene Smith, and Jim Stoshak.

Yawgoog Photos are now posted --> Yagoog Photos


2013 Troop Photos Posted (so far): 2013 Photos

Klondike Derby _Feb2013

Rock Wall _Feb2013

Flower Sale _Mar2013

Wachington DC _Apr2013

Orienteering _May2013

Robo Camporee _May2013

White Water Rafting _Jun2013

Yawgoog _Jul2013

Jamboree _Jul2013


Orienteering at PineTree - May 18th

Our introdiction to orienteering intro went quite well.  It was the first time Troop 26 used the course at PineTree, so it was new for all of us. Orienteering is harder than it seems, so there were times when the boys were dead-on course between two points, and other times when we were a bit (!) off the mark.  We will hopefully do some short orienteering sessions on future camping trips so the boys can hone their skills more. It's not as easy as it first seems, but is a life-long skill that can come in very handy.

Thanks to the Scouts who came out. And a big thanks to Mr. Appelegate who made it all happen!


Very Successful Flower Sale !

Good turnout and good weather for both days

Excellent fundraiser for the Troop

Thank you for coordinating this event Mrs. Sloves


Bob Applegate - New Wood Badger !

Wood Badge is a Scouting leadership program and the related award for adult leaders. Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond and commitment to the Scout movement. Courses generally have a combined classroom and practical outdoors-based phase followed by a Wood Badge ticket, also known as the project phase.


By "working the ticket", Bob put his newly gained experience into practice to attain his ticket goals aiding the Scouting movement. On completion of the course, Bob was awarded the Wood Badge beads to recognize his significant achievement in leadership and direct service to young people.