Medford, NJ

We meet on Monday evenings

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

St. Peter's Episcopal Church


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---> Yawgoog HEALTH FORM and CHECKLIST <---

* Every year, the most challenging part of checking in at Yawgoog, is with the

   lack of quality of our Health Forms.
* Omissions and incorrectly filled in information on these forms have previously caused

   us delays in setting up camp.
* And in some cases, we have had to make calls back to parents for additional medical

   information and documentation.
* The following is a link to a standard Yawgoog Health Form where specific areas

   have been highlighted where people tend to make mistakes.



                   Yawgoog Health Form - HIGHLIGHTED



                      Yawgoog Health Form Checklist



2014 Troop 26 Calendar Updates            -> SEE FULL CALENDAR

* February 2nd, Scout Sunday, St. Peter's Episcopal Church
* February 17th - No school, No scouts

* March 8th - 9th - Shawnee Ski Trip - Ed Beitel
* March 22nd - 23rd - New scout overnight - Batona Campground

    - Carranza Memorial - Bob Applegate

* April 14th - $25.00 Yawgoog deposit due (deadline) - John Scannell
* April 18th and 19th - Easter Flower sale (fundraiser) - Pam Sloves
* April 21st - No school, No scouts
* April 24th - 27th - Washington DC trip - George Youngkin

* May 16 - 18th - NJSP Camporee - Sea Girt NJ
* May 26th - No school, No scouts

* June 23rd - Yawgoog final payment due (deadline)
* June 21st - 22nd - Whitewater Rafting Trip - George Youngkin

* July 20 - 26th - Yawgoog Summer Camp - John Scannell




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 New Activity Form - Scouts to Use for Trip Planning - Form

All Scouts should use this form as a starting point when they would like to propose

a trip and / or activity to scout leaders and adult leaders.

  • Any scout regardless of rank can use this form.
  • All scouts must communicate their interest and ideas to their SPL’s and ASPL’s BEFORE presenting this form to an adult leader.
  • Please note: the submission of this form is just the first step in planning a trip and / or activity for the troop. Once this form is reviewed, you may be asked to provide more information (on this form) or you may be referred to the more extensive trip planning packet that is on file.

Troop, PLC, and Committee Meetings

Troop Meetings are conducted every Monday at 7PM at St. Peter's Episcopal Church
EXCEPT the First Monday of each Month in which the following will meet:

           - PLC (Patrol Leader Council)

           - Troop 26 Committee Meeting